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  • What Is is an exclusive auction experience that offers its members a variety of Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Sports Card products. Members have a chance at getting their hands on booster boxes, vintage packs, PSA-graded cards, and much more for prices up to 95% less than their retail value. is different than your traditional auction website as bids are purchased beforehand, and bidding occurs in fixed increments.

  • Why Should I Use auctions offer a unique method of shopping for your favorite TCG brands. We take pride in offering a wide range of products and posting new items every week. At we, we believe that transparency and auction fairness are vital to providing even playing field for all bidders. Our website is routinely examined by an independent audit firm to provide reasonable assurance that the bidding process is not manipulated. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at is not a lottery or any other form of gambling. auctions do not contain any random element because the outcome of every auction depends on strategy, and how many bids a user is willing to place. It is possible for a bidder to win any auction, provided that the bidder is prepared to place enough bid. Therefore,’s auctions have no element of chance. Users should be aware of the number of bids they are placing and use caution to avoid placing bids frivolously. The user that places the winning bid is obligated to pay the final auction price.


Products Info

  • How Can PokeBidder Sell Expensive Products at Such Low Prices?

PokeBidder’s pre-paid system allows us to sell cards at extremely low prices.

  • Are the Products Brand New?

All boxes, packs, and most other products are sealed and BRAND NEW. The only products that are not brand new are individual cards, which were pulled from packs openings and immediately sleeved. In our past experience, our care for cards has led to a majority of PSA 9’s and 10’s.

  • Does PokeBidder Weigh Packs?

Weighing vintage packs can indicate whether they will contain a “holo” card or not. At PokeBidder, we have a mixture of weighed/unweighed packs. If a pack is weighed, the exact weight will be listed in the item description along with the “Heavy” or “Light” designation.


Participating in Auctions

  • How Do The Auctions Work?

The Auctions have a preset timer that will tick towards 00:00:00. If the auction timer is below 00:00:10, the timer will reset to 00:00:10 if a user decides to place a bid. Each time a user places a bid, the price of the auction will increase by $0.01. The last user to place a bid before the time runs out, will win the auction.   

  • Do I Need an Account to Place a Bid?

Yes, registration is free and complimentary bids are given to new users so that they can test the waters.

  • How Do I Participate in Auctions?

You will need bids to participate in auctions, so purchase the bid package that suits you best, or use your free bids. Bids act as credits that allow you to partake in auctions. For each bid placed, one bid credit will be deducted from your account. Click “Bid Now” on the Home or Product page to use a bid. After using a bid, you will win the auction if the clock expires and you are the last bidder.

  • How Do I Acquire Bids?

Users can acquire bids by purchasing bid packages, taking advantage of different promotions, or referring friends. Bid packages can be purchased at Payments can be made with PayPal or a debit/credit card. If there is any issue processing payment or crediting bids, contact support at Inviting friends is the easiest way to get free bids – You will receive a bid bonus of 20% of the first Bid Package that your friend decides to purchase.

  • Can I Bid On the Same Product More Than Once?

Yes, you can bid on an auction as many times as you would like.

  • Can I Use Bids in Simultaneous Auctions?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of auctions you can participate in at the same time.

  • If I Already Won an Auction, Can I Participate in Others?

Yes, you can win up to five auctions per week. The week period starts over every Monday morning.

  • Can I Retract Bids?

Once a bid is used, it cannot be retracted.

  • Can I Use Multiple Accounts?

No, the usage of multiple accounts is prohibited and can result in a ban and no refund.

  • If I Do Not Live in The US, Can I Participate in Auctions?

Currently, only US residents are allowed to participate in auctions. This will likely change soon so keep an eye out!


Fairness In Auctions

  • What Is Fairness in Auctions?

The integrity and fairness of our auction process is integral to the viability of our website. We explicitly state that does not use any systems or bots that automatically bid on our auctions. Additionally, no employees of are permitted to bid on the auctions.

  • Are Bots Allowed?

Bots can diminish the integrity of the auctions and can prevent hardworking bidders from winning. To ensure fairness, the usage of any type of bots or programs is forbidden and will result in a closure of the associated account, a permanent IP ban, and no refund.


Bid Buddy

  • How Does Bid Buddy Work?

The Bid Buddy allows you stay in the lead even when you are away from your computer or phone. You can rely on your Bid Buddy to place your bids, according to how many bids you allow it to place. When the timer goes below 3.5 seconds, your Buddy will randomly place a bid for you before the clock expires. You can refill or adjust your Buddy multiple times if you would like to. 

  • How Do I Set Up the Bid Buddy?

The Bid Buddy will bid on your behalf until you are the final bidder or until your bids are consumed. To use the Bid Buddy, go to an auction that you would like to bid on and look in the lower right section of the page for “BID BUDDY”. Here you can type in the maximum number of bids that you would like your Buddy to have access to. Click “Set” and your Buddy will begin bidding for you. If you win the auction and there are bids left in your Buddy, they will be returned.


Shipping And Delivery

  • Which Countries Does Ship to

Currently, PokeBidder only ships products to addresses in the United States.

  • How Will My Product Be Shipped?

After receiving payment and shipping information, products are shipped within one business day via USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail.

  • Where can I find my Tracking Number?

You can check the status on your shipment by going to My Account -> Won Auctions -> Tracking Code.


Returns And Exchanges

  • Does PokeBidder Accept Returns?

Before shipping an item, several pictures of the product are taken. After you receive the item, if there are quality issues, inform PokeBidder at Pictures of the item will be requested to ensure that the product has not been damaged or replaced. PokeBidder reserves the right to refuse any returns if you fail to notify PokeBidder within the two-day period. Products’ defects caused by the customer are not the responsibility of PokeBidder. For queries related to returns, please contact us. If PokeBidder determines that a return is in order, we will provide you with a return address. After we receive the returned product and perform a successful quality check, a refund of the post auction payment will be issued. Additionally, the bids spent on the auction will be credited to the account. For packs or boxes greater than 10 years old, no refunds or returns are allowed barring a very serious issue.



  • What Payment Methods Does PokeBidder Accept?

Payments can be made using PayPal or a debit/credit card. PokeBidder accepts card payments from Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Payment will be immediately issued after purchase.



We use the latest SSL encryption technology to safely transmit your personal and credit card information. Credit card information is not stored in our systems, but managed by STRIPE. All orders are processed through a secure checkout system with our payment gateway provider.


Technical Issues

  • Why Did My Bid Not Register?

Sometimes the Internet lag can delay your bid in reaching PokeBidder servers. This can be caused by a number of things, but is usually due to high traffic somewhere between your PC and our servers. There are a number of ways to reduce the chance of this happening:

  1. Use the Bid Buddy to place your bids.
  2. Do not place bids at the very last second.
  3. Ensure there are not too many people using your internet connection. 
  4. Stay away from downloading or sending large files while using PokeBidder.


  • Why Did My Bid Button Become Unclickable?

When you lose internet connection, we disable the bid button.

  • Recommended Internet Connection:

A DSL connection or better




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